King Midas is well known in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This came to be called the golden touch or the Midas touch.

However, only a few know that Midas was an eminent art connoisseur. Thus, Midas was selected as the arbiter in a musical competition between Apollo, the god of arts, and satyr Marsyas. Apollo played his part splendidly on his harp. Still, Marsyas had perfected his flute playing skills through many years of practice. He played very virtuously, and Midas awarded victory to Marsyas. An enraged Apollo turned Midas' ears into donkey ears. This was the price Midas paid for choosing talent over authority.

When young investors were choosing a name for the company that would invest in blockchain, crypto, and later in NFTs, the brand name Midas came into mind naturally. His image symbolizes fast fortune and high responsibility for every move or "touch" he made.

Having met digital artist Lublinsky, the guys at Midas immediately came up with an idea for a collaboration. For years Andy has been reexamining Mickey Mouse as a pop icon. When the guys from Midas saw this collection, they said, "This Mouse is just like our Midas. They both have long ears and turn any project they touch into gold. That might be a new angle for you to work on."

The idea for the "Midas Mouse" NFT collection was born. For the first drop, the artist decided to make 27 NFTs. In numerology, the number 27 represents empathy and wealth. Lublinsky has not only created a vibrant collection of animated Midas Mouse NFTs, but his team has developed a digital symbol for the "golden touch." This algorithm-based element you can see in every NFT in the collection.


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