30 march – 30 september
Your fluid self


What does "digital identity" mean? The pioneers of the Internet age supposed that the web is a playground for identity construction, that we can reimagine our social body by switching avatars and nicknames. Further identity verification technologies in web 2.0 have evolved rapidly. We need to verify market transactions, fact check, find reliable experts and be responsible for our digital footprint. Does it make us less changeable? Vice versa. Web 3.0 is the space of liquid identity, resistance, drag, dynamic impression and transformation. The works of Aristarkh present a procession of metamorphosis, the digital dream of Arcimboldo. Here the fecundity of image reproduction – the artist worked with Stable Diffusion technology – also casts the shadows of doubt. Is it true that a change of decor, feathers or a shiny wrapper, shakes the well-established symbolic content? We can only answer by observing the fluidity, by changing ourselves.
15 february – 15 september
Digital AiR

Digital AiR

Digital AiR (DA) is an online residency established in 2021 with the objective of bringing together digital professionals and technology experts, alongside artists, curators, and contemporary theorists.
8 august – 30 september 2023
How can you describe the weirdness that is not assessed enough? p.2

Alisa Gallery

The featuring new NFT videos perform an amalgam of nature found objects, man-made materials and portraying the choreography of the human body.