How can you describe the weirdness that is not assessed enough? p.2



Alisa Gallery presents Sofya Skidan’s latest NFT collection How can you describe the weirdness that is not assessed enough? p.2 consisting of 6 NFT video artworks which will be available on NFT platform IOGINALITY. The featuring new NFT videos perform an amalgam of nature found objects, man-made materials and portraying the choreography of the human body.

Sofya Skidan rethinks the realm of the sensorial referring to the study of magic, oriental religions, and technologies. Skidan’s project ponders the interrelations between changing technologies and corporality as well as their consequences: the instability of the body, the erasure of the notion of a ‘norm’, the dilution of identity, the alienation of the virtual body – the avatar – from its physical counterpart.

The NFT centres on the multiplying avatars of a cybershaman, whose body is used as a form of incantation. The heroine’s body either grows out of the landscape, or merges with it constantly changing and mutating, gathering in new configurations. yet she disintegrates and slips away. Only some elements return the viewers to the current moment of time, referring to the realness of this heroine. Otherwise, it is a virtual body, of numerous, imaginary, and unstable avatars, rather than a real person.An emerging, hybrid identity arises from Skidan’s attempt to capture the elusive sensation of post contemporaneity.


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