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Alisa Contemporary Art Gallery is founded by curator and art manager Alisa Bagdonaite in 2020. In a relatively short period of time, this young curator-run gallery has managed to organise powerful debuts of artists working in sculpture, photography, painted art, and graphics, with various printing techniques and new media. Alisa's artists represent a wide range of research topics in their projects, from social criticism to cyberfeminism. All of them are united by a conceptual approach, high professional ethics and the desire to expand the boundaries of modern visual reality.

The concept of the gallery is based on the idea of gallery activity as a sustainable and highly ethical creative platform that provides a production incentive for contemporary artists, curators and other representatives of creative disciplines. The gallery's mission is to discover and promote new names in art, to increase the presence and visibility of young and mid-career artists on the international art market, and also stimulate demand for contemporary art in the middle price segment.

The new gallery space will open in Dubai in 2024. Plans for the near future are - participation in regional and international fair and exhibition projects and the development of activity in the regions where the artists of the gallery now live and work: Asia, Europe and MENA.


8 may – 30 september

Alisa Gallery

Alisa Gallery presents Unveiled — an online exhibition by Kirill Makarov.
8 may – 30 september
How can you describe the weirdness that is not assessed enough? p.2

Alisa Gallery

The featuring new NFT videos perform an amalgam of nature found objects, man-made materials and portraying the choreography of the human body.


  • Alisa Bagdonaite

    Art manager, curator and gallerist