How can you ensure an NFT is genuine and issued by the rightful owner?

In the rapidly evolving world of NFTs, ensuring authenticity is paramount. Here's a guideline to help:

  1. Research on NFT Marketplaces: Begin by examining the NFT's metadata and ownership history on the marketplace where it's listed. Ensure that the NFT is linked to the legitimate creator's address or the official rights holder.
  2. Cross-Reference with Official Sources: Match the details of the NFT with any official announcements or press releases from the creator or rights holder. This can help confirm if they have genuinely associated themselves with the NFT in question.
  3. Direct Communication: If feasible, directly contact the creator or the official rights holder through their official communication channels. This can be a definitive way to verify the NFT's authenticity and the issuer's authorization.

At IOGINALITY, we've taken proactive measures to uphold the authenticity of NFTs. Our platform exclusively allows galleries with the proper authorization to mint NFTs. Before minting, artists and galleries must establish a contract that clearly outlines the terms for NFT creation. Within this contract, the artist confirms they hold all intellectual property rights to the artwork they're introducing for NFT minting. Moreover, the artist has the flexibility to either sell the artwork, transferring all IP rights to the buyer, or to license the artwork under a specific IP package they select. This meticulous approach ensures that every NFT on IOGINALITY is genuine, and buyers can confidently know the rights associated with their purchase.