Is there a contract between the initial primary buyer and the secondary buyers?

When you buy an NFT, you enter into an agreement with the seller. This agreement outlines the terms of your purchase and the rights associated with the NFT. Once this sale is complete, the original seller steps out of the picture, and you, the new owner, have full control over the NFT.

Now, if you decide to sell this NFT to someone else, the original seller doesn't have a say in this new transaction. This is because of a legal principle called "privity of contract." In simple terms, it means that only the people directly involved in a contract can claim rights or face obligations from it. So, if you sell your NFT to a third person, the original seller can't enforce the first agreement's terms on this new buyer. The initial agreement was between you and the original seller, and it doesn't bind anyone else who wasn't a part of it.