Why is verification necessary on IOGINALITY, and what are the implications of not providing required documents?

At IOGINALITY, we prioritize the integrity and security of our platform and its users. Here's why verification is essential:

  1. Legal Compliance: IOGINALITY adheres to both sanction laws and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. These laws mandate that marketplaces like ours have a clear understanding of their customers, hence the need for identity verification.
  2. Ensuring Authentic Transactions: By verifying identities, we can be more certain that funds used on our platform aren't derived from illicit activities. This helps in maintaining the platform's credibility and ensures that transactions are above board.
  3. Professional Participant Verification: We also verify all professional participants, ensuring that when you acquire NFTs, they come specifically from reputable galleries.
  4. Multiple Verification Levels: IOGINALITY offers various verification tiers. For legal entities, full verification is mandatory. For individual collectors, we provide three verification levels (basic, general, and full), each tailored to different purchase amounts.
Verification levels for individual collectors
Verification levels for individual collectors

Consequences of Non-Verification

If you choose not to provide the necessary documents or if your verification is unsuccessful, you'll face certain restrictions on IOGINALITY. Specifically, you won't be able to mint, buy, or sell NFTs on our platform. This measure is in place to maintain the platform's integrity and ensure a safe environment for all users.