Riccardo Giovinetto

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Italian visual and multimedia artist, physicist and university professor. Giovinetto's works take on multiple forms such as audio video performances, installations and concert compositions. He creates sound reactive sculptures through digital structures generated and manipulated in real time, resulting in a renewed relationship between sound and image. FEMINA is his first solo project with which he made his debut on the opening night at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023 and replicated at the L.E.V. Festival and MUTEK Montreal among others. In 2010 he founded OZMOTIC, a duo of electronic and instrumental music that collaborates with philharmonic orchestras and international artists. In 2018 the third album of the duo was released by Touch (Elusive Balance) and in April 2023 a new one was released by the English label again; the project, called SENZATEMPO, was created in collaboration with Christian Fennesz. With OZMOTIC he played at several Italian and European festivals such as MITO Settembre Musica (Milan), State X New Forms (The Hague), Nextech (Florence) and others. In the educational field he has twenty five years of experience; he teaches Acoustic Physics, Electroacoustic for Sound Engineers at the school Alto Perfezionamento Musicale in Saluzzo (IT), he is an Ableton Certified trainer and a Sound Design and Multimedia Installation professor at SAE Institute in Milan.


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