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What we do:

We offer a one-stop solution for art institutions, collectors and art dealers worldwide to launch digital exhibitions and create NFT collections

For collectors:

we sifted and sorted through piles of NFTs, so you don’t have to. With IOGINALITY, you can:

  • Buy emerging arts smartly and support digital artists

  • Explore virtual exhibitions from the world’s leading art galleries and curators

  • Start building up a collection of authentic and professionally verified NFTs

  • Deal safely with verified sellers

15 may – 30 september 2023
Your fluid self


What does "digital identity" mean? The pioneers of the Internet age supposed that the web is a playground for identity construction, that we can reimagine our social body by switching avatars and nicknames. Further identity verification technologies in web 2.0 have evolved rapidly. We need to verify market transactions, fact check, find reliable experts and be responsible for our digital footprint. Does it make us less changeable? Vice versa. Web 3.0 is the space of liquid identity, resistance, drag, dynamic impression and transformation. The works of Aristarkh present a procession of metamorphosis, the digital dream of Arcimboldo. Here the fecundity of image reproduction – the artist worked with Stable Diffusion technology – also casts the shadows of doubt. Is it true that a change of decor, feathers or a shiny wrapper, shakes the well-established symbolic content? We can only answer by observing the fluidity, by changing ourselves.

For galleries & curators:

Benefit from our blend of legal, financial, technical expertise, and intuitive art tools

  • Open your digital embassy and attract new customers in Web3

  • Use our set of pre-drafted legal documents for fuss-free negotiations and deals

  • Experience our smart contract that instantly distributes profits among all parties involved in the transaction

  • Delight in simple art management: effortlessly curate exhibitions and NFTs

  • IOGINALITY is a digital art marketplace uniting the Web3 world with art institutions and collectors. We equip galleries, artists, curators, and collectors with the means to harness the power of tokenized art through a user-friendly and fully compliant platform. Our professional and artistically-focused solution offers a comprehensive ecosystem, addressing key industry issues surrounding legal, financial, and technological aspects.

  • You can sign in as either gallery or collector to join IOGINALITY. After registering on the platform, galleries get access to a new audience and the opportunity to build their digital presence in web3. On the other hand, collectors get access to digital art selected and certified by art industry professionals.

  • To start buying NFTs on IOGINALITY, you need just two things: a functional email and a crypto wallet. MetaMask, a popular and user-friendly crypto wallet, is one choice. It’s like a regular wallet but designed for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, letting you interact seamlessly with the Ethereum blockchain.

  • We require KYC/KYB procedures on the marketplace to safeguard our users and community from illicit activities. This verification ensures secure, reliable transactions on IOGINALITY.